How the Autism Community Shares Knowledge, Information and Assistance

About Us

Launched in 2002, TalkAutism is a communications network providing free and low-cost online services for families and professionals dealing with autism.  TalkAutism provides a value proposition for organizations, governments and companies to provide distance learning, professional outreach, bulletin-board discussions and databased information services to families and professionals dealing with autism.

By sharing a central yet customized communications platform, users can find resources at, or virtually within the websites of TalkAutism’s partners. TalkAutism enables organizations and companies to offer value-added and customized services which are costly to develop and maintain independently, and platforms for their presentations and services to be accessible through a growing network of participating organizations’ Web sites.

TalkAutism is a service brand of e-Merge Medical Technologies, and in February, 2006 – was sublicensed to Caring Technologies to provide unique promising Patient / Student Data Services for the autism community.